Study Abroad

The Slavic Department actively encourages students to participate in study abroad programs in Russia and other East European countries. Through the University of California‚Äôs Study Abroad Program, students may spend the fall or spring semester in St. Petersburg and do intensive work on Russian language, literature, and culture. UC-sponsored programs emphasize Russian language as well as cultural studies. For information see the Slavic Department’s information poster.

Czech Republic


Other institutions also offer programs in Russia and East European countries, both during the school year and summer. Please consult with the Major Advisor for information about these programs.

Read more about studying abroad on the Berkeley Study Abroad website.

The Berkeley Study Abroad advisor for the Czech Republic and Russia is Michelle Ayazi,
Berkeley Study Abroad advising information here.

Additionally, visit the website of UC Berkeley’s Institute for Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies (ISEEES), and their list of Study Abroad resources and options.