Polina Barskova, Ph.D. 2006


Dissertation: Enchanted by the Spectacle of Death: Forms of the End in Leningrad Culture (1917-1934)

Starting in Fall 2021, Polina Barskova teaches at UC Berkeley. Before returning to Berkeley, she spent 15 years teaching Russian Literatures at Hampshire College, Massachusetts, as well as at Amherst and Smith colleges. Her scholarly publications include articles on Nabokov, Bakhtin brothers, early Soviet film, and the aestheticization historical trauma. Her book, Besieged Leningrad: Aesthetic Responses to Urban Disaster appeared from Northern Illinois University Press in 2016. She has also authored many books of poetry in Russian. Please read Polina Barskova’s poetry at these and many other sites:

Polina Barskova received her undergraduate education (in Classics) at St. Petersburg State University in Russia.

For more, see http://www.hampshire.edu/faculty/pbarskova.htm

Matthew Zapruder (our alumni) translated a few of Polina’s poems, they appeared in: