Brian Horowitz, Ph.D. 1993


Dissertation: M. O. Gershenzon and Intellectual Life of Russia’s Silver Age.

Professor in Jewish Studies at Tulane University, Sizeler Family Chair Professor.
Director of Jewish Studies from 2003 to 2010.

Previous appointment: University of Nebraska at Lincoln.

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Selected Publications:

  • Jewish Philanthropy and Enlightenment in Late-Tsarist Russia, University of Washington Press, 2009.
  • Empire Jews: Jewish Nationalism and Acculturation in Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century Russia. Slavica Publishers, 2009.
  • The Myth of Alexander Pushkin in Russia’s Silver Age: M. O. Gershenzon-Pushinist. Northwestern University Press, 1997.
  • Republished in Russian translation: Mikhail Gershenzon Pushkinist: Pushkinskii mif v serebrianom veke russkoi literatury, Moscow: Minuvshee, 2004.