Avram Brown, Ph.D. 1998


Dissertation: Modernist apocrypha : contexts of the gospel plot in Russian modernism

Avram Brown is a free lance translator, editor and researcher; he lives in Cambridge, MA. After graduation, he taught Russian language and literature at the University of California at Davis (1999-2004). He received his B.A. at Harvard.


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  • “Leonid Andreev,” in: Dictionary of Literary Biography, volume Russian Writers of the Silver Age (forthcoming).
  • Entries on Viktor Pelevin, Boris Yeltsin, Il’ia Kabakov, Grigorii Iavlinskii, Gennadii Ziuganov, Russian space exploration, Buddhism in Russia, and other topics in: Karen Evans-Romaine, Helena Goscilo, and Tatiana Smorodinskaya, eds., The Encyclopedia of Contemporary Russian Culture (to be published by Routledge).