Anne Dwyer, Ph.D. 2007 (Comparative Literature)

Dissertation: Improvising Empire: Literary Accounts from the Russian and Austrian Borderlands, 1862-1923

After Berkeley, Anne Dwyer assumed a teaching position in the Department of German and Russian at Pomona College. Though her primary allegiance is to the Russian side of the department, she also occasionally teaches German topics. Anne has two overlapping fields of research. The first (also the topic of her dissertation) is the literary treatment of Russia and Austria as multiethnic empires: here the emphasis is on the production of subjectivity in texts about travel through the borderlands. She has also begun to work on fictional, autobiographical, and cinematic writings of the Russian formalists and their students. Selected publications: “Runaway Texts: The Many Life Stories of Iurii Trifonov and Christa Wolf.” Russian Review64 (2005); “Of Hats and Trains: Cultural Traffic in Leskov’s and Dostoevskii’s Westward Journeys” Slavic Review 70: 1 (2011); “Revivifying Russia: Literature, Theory and Empire in Viktor Shklovskii’s Civil War Writings,” Slavonica 15: 1 (2009); “Dostoevskii’s Prison House of Nation(s): Genre Violence in Notes from the House of the Dead,” Russian Review.

Anne is married to Gabriel White, a former Berkeley graduate student (MA, 2000), now Senior Appellate Court Attorney at California Court of Appeal, Fourth Dist., Div. 2, Greater Los Angeles Area.

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