Outside the Classroom

Our campus hosts many Slavic-related lectures, concerts, films, conferences, and other events. A weekly Russian conversation hour is one of the Berkeley Slavic Department’s most lively institutions.  Film showings, of classic and contemporary films from Russia and other countries, are periodically organized by graduate students.

Education Abroad

The Slavic Department actively encourages students to participate in study abroad programs in Russia and other East European countries. Through the University of California’s Education Abroad Program, students may spend the fall or spring semester in St. Petersburg and do intensive work on Russian language, literature, and culture. UC-sponsored programs emphasize Russian language as well as cultural studies. For information see the Slavic Department’s information poster. Other institutions also offer programs in Russia and East European countries, both during the school year and summer. Please consult with the Major Advisor for information about these programs. Read more about studying abroad on the Berkeley Study Abroad website.

After Graduation

In the world today, in-depth understanding of another culture and knowledge of another language are increasingly valued. Graduates from our department are finding that the recent political, social, and economic changes in the former Soviet Union, East Central Europe, and Southeastern Europe have resulted in an increasing number of opportunities for employment, both in this country and abroad, in fields such as education, journalism, business, diplomacy, social work, health, and environmental affairs. A Slavic major also provides excellent preparation for graduate studies in a number of areas, as well as a sound background in the liberal arts for those wishing to attend professional schools (including law school).