Roy Chan, Ph.D. 2009 (Comparative Literature)


Dissertation: The Edge of Knowing: Dreams and Realism in Modern Chinese Literature

Associate Professor of Chinese, the University of Oregon.

Roy Chan, who received his Ph.D. (2009) in Comparative Literature from the University of California, Berkeley, also holds a B.A. (2002) in Russian and Comparative Literature from the University of Washington. Prior to coming to Oregon, he taught at the College of William and Mary, and was a Harvard University Fairbank Center An Wang Postdoctoral Fellow in Chinese Studies. He is currently completing a manuscript titled The Edge of Knowing: Dreams, History, and Realism in Modern Chinese Literature. This monograph focuses on the rhetoric of dreams and reality and its relation to issues of literature, modernity and revolutionary utopianism in modern Chinese fiction. His second project engages a translingual and transcultural literary critique of Soviet/Russian and Chinese literary texts that address the other country tentatively titled A Reflection of Sovereignty: Revolutionary Utopia and Transnational Desire in Russian and Chinese Literatures. A third project, in beginning stages of preparation, aims to comparatively explore “cultures of care” in Soviet/Post-Soviet and modern Chinese society, and their relation to psychology, counseling, biopolitics, and sociality and self. Research interests include modern literature, realism, narrative, the imperial imagination, and popular culture, among others. Theoretical concerns include Marxism, psychoanalysis, gender and sexuality, semiotics, and affect.

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