Magdalena Kay, Ph.D. 2007 (Comparative Literature)


Dissertation: Knowing one’s place : negotiating belonging and identity in the poetry of Adam Zagajewski, Derek Mahon, Seamus Heaney and Julia Hartwig

After Berkeley, Magdalena Kay joined the Department of English at University of Victoria, Canada. Although she teaches mostly British and Irish literature, she is interested in reading English-language literature globally. In her graduate work, she compared contemporary poetry from Ireland and Poland, two post-colonies within Europe, with a particular focus on the theme of spatio-cultural belonging. This theme is also the topic of her first book, Knowing One’s Place in Contemporary Irish and Polish Poetry: Zagajewski, Mahon, Heaney, Hartwig. Her second book, In Gratitude for All the Gifts: Seamus Heaney and Eastern Europe, examines the influence of Eastern European poets–in particular, Czeslaw Milosz, Zbigniew Herbert, Joseph Brodsky, and Osip Mandelstam–upon Seamus Heaney.

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