Katy Sosnak, Ph.D. 2013


Dissertation: Unmasking the Invisible: Russian and Japanese Cultural Exchanges from 1890 to 1917

Since finishing her Ph.D., Katy has worked in university administration at UC Berkeley, in a boutique law firm in San Francisco, and in international admissions at Oregon State University. In early 2022, she started volunteering with the Community Review Board in Benton County, which works with the judicial system to monitor the placement of children in foster care. This volunteer position, as well as her longstanding interest in novels of adultery and the ways in which the dissolution of a marriage is narrated, which began while an undergraduate at Columbia University and continued during her time at Berkeley, perhaps led her to her current position as a paralegal at a family law firm in Corvallis, Oregon.

Though her personal reading these days takes her far beyond the world of Slavic, Katy is still excited to find connections between Russia and the East and to explore the ever-growing world of graphic novels, especially adaptations of the classics.