Julia McAnallen, Ph.D. 2011


Dissertation: The History of Predicative Possession in Slavic: Internal Development vs. Language Contact

Prior to commencing her MA and PhD at Berkeley, Julia McAnallen obtained her BSE in Engineering from the University of Michigan. Prior employment experience includes a Nuclear Safety Internship at US Nuclear Regulatory Commission in Washington, DC. and a Postdoctoral Fellowship at IE University in Madrid & Segovia, Spain (2011-13), where she taught courses of her own design in the humanities and communications programs, including “Humans on the Move: Mapping human histories through languages & genes” and “Freedom of Speech.” In her research she pursued her interest in understanding the ways that Slavic (mainly Northern Slavic) languages behave at boundaries and in flux, and in how these linguistic processes are inextricably embedded in social and cultural contexts. More generally, she has been interested in using patterns in Slavic languages to better understand language contact and spread phenomena across the globe. In 2013, she joined the Michigan State University at East Lansing as a Graduate Career Services Coordinator specializing in advising PhD students on career paths in the public, private and non-profit sectors of the workforce. She also worked, as a linguist, on reframing how we talk about different career paths within and beyond the academy, focusing especially on the language and metaphors we use to describe these career paths. In 2016, Julia moved to work as a Speech Scientist and Data Scientist in the IT industry. She is currently with Microsoft in Seattle.