Boris Maslov, Ph.D. 2009 (Comparative Literature)


Dissertation: Pindaric Epinikion and the Evolution of Poetic Genres in Archaic Greece

After Berkeley, Boris taught in the Department of Comparative Literature at the University of Chicago. He then joined the Department of Philosophy, Classics, History of Art and Ideas at the University of Oslo.

My current work on Slavic topics falls in three areas: (1) methodology of comparative literary history, particularly the Veselovskian tradition of historical poetics; (2) conceptual history of the Christian East (Byzantium and Eastern Slavdom); (3) reception of classical genres and topoi in Russian poetry. I have also published on 20th c. Russian literature (particularly, on Leonid Dobychin and Vladimir Nabokov).

Alongside two other Berkeley Slavic alumni, I am a member of the Historical Poetics working group (

Recent publications (many of which are downloadable from

“Pindaric temporality in German and Russian Romanticism.” Forthcoming in Comparative Literature 64 (2012).

“Comparative Literature and Revolution, or the Many Arts of (Mis)reading Alexander Veselovsky.” Forthcoming in a special issue of Compar(a)ison: An International Journal of Comparative Literature 2011.

Prisvoenie k Bogu / Oikeiosis pros theon: The afterlife of a Stoic concept in Old Rus’.” Forthcoming in V. Izmirlieva, ed. Translation and Tradition in Slavia Orthodoxa. Vienna.

“Rozhdenie i smert’ Dobrodeteli v Rossii: o mekhanizmakh propagatsii poniatii v diskurse Prosveshcheniia” Forthcoming in A. Miller, I. Schierle, eds. Obshchestvenno-politicheskaia sfera v Rossii ot Petra I do 1914 g. [The socio-political sphere in Russia from Peter the Great to 1914] Moscow: NLO.

“Tyutchev Pindaricus: opyt genealogii poetiki Tyutcheva 1820-1840 gg.” Die Welt der Slaven 55 (2010) 234-64.

“Ot dolgov khristianina k grazhdanskomu dolgu (ocherk istorii kontseptual’noi metafory).” In: Ocherki istoricheskoi semantiki russkogo iazyka rannego Novogo vremeni, ed. V. Zhivov, 201-70. Moscow: Iazyki slavianskikh ku’tur, 2009.

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