ANNA MUZA, Senior Lecturer Emerita


Ph.D. Russian Academy of Performing Arts (theory and history of dramatic art).

Teaching: Russian language; Russian language and culture for heritage speakers; Russian-English/English Russian translation; performing arts, theatre, and drama in Russia; Chekhov. Advanced readings in Russian literature (in the original).

Research interests: Language and culture in language pedagogy; heritage learners. Theory and practice of translation. Performing arts: drama, theater, and visual culture; Chekhovin the English-speaking world.

Current projects: Chekhov’s costumes of self: rereading Chekhovfor his 150th anniversary. Performing arts in language learning.

Selected publications:

  • ” ‘The Tragedy of a Russian Woman’: Anna Karenina in the Moscow Art Theatre, 1937″ in: Russian Literature, vol. 65, issue 4, 2009.
  • “The Sound of Distant Thunder: Chekhov and Chekhovian Subtexts in Tom Stoppard’s Russian Trilogy” – In: Chekhov the Immigrant. Translating the Cultural Icon. Eds. Michael Finke, Julie de Sherbinin. Slavica, 2008.
  • “Chekhov v Avstralii” – In: Literaturnoe nasledstvo, tom 100: Chekhov i mirovaia literatura, v trekh knigax. Kn. 2, Moskva, Nauka, 2005.
  • The White Quadrangle. Kazimir Malevich’s Writings on Film. Ed. Oksana Bulgakowa. In English and Russian. Berlin and San Francisco: Potemkin Press, 2002. – Annotations (with Oksana Bulgakowa). Translations. Essay “Weaving Texts: Malevich’s Uses of Language.”
  • “Kornei Chukovskii and ‘Men and Books of the 1860s’ in the 1920s.” — forthcoming in Forgotten Episodes of Soviet Literary History, ed. N. Luker, Astra Press, Nottingham, England.
  • “Science, Philosophy, Music: Chekhov’s Three Germans.” In: Cold Fusion, ed. G. Barabtarlo, Berghahn Books, New York & Oxford, 2000.
  • “Meyerhold at Rehearsal. New Materials on Meyerhold’s Work with Actors.” Theatre Topics, vol. 6, No.1, 1996.
  • “Chukovskii and the Nabokovs.” The Nabokovian, No. 36, Spring 1996.
  • “Reading the Soviet Bukvar'”. Almanac Mesto Pechati, No.1, 1993, Moscow.