Alan Timberlake, Professor Emeritus


Affiliated with Department of Lingistics

Ph.D. Harvard University (Linguistics)

Since his retirement in 2008, Professor Timberlake has been teaching at Columbia University. He continues to advise graduate students who began working under his supervision.

Teaching: Synchronic and historical Slavic and Russian linguistics; Slavic culture; Czech literature

Research interests: Descriptive grammar of Russian; chronicles.

Selected publications:


  • Russian Reference Grammar. Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 2004


  • “Hierarchies in the Genitive of Negation.” Slavic and East European Journal 19 (1975).
  • “Isochrony in Late Common Slavic,” Robert A. Maquire and Alan Timberlake [eds.] American Contributions to the Eleventh International Congress of Slavists. Bratislava, August-September 1993. Literature. Linguistics. Poetics. Columbus, OH: Slavica, 1993.
  • “Russian,” Bernard Comrie and Greville Corbett [eds.], The Slavonic Languages, London-New York: Routledge, 1993.
  • “Avvakum’s Aorists,” Russian Linguistics, 19, 1995.
  • “Older and Younger Recensions of the First Novgorod Chronicle,” Oxford Slavonic Papers, 33:135, 2000.