Armenian Language Study and Placement

The Slavic Languages & Literatures Department offers Armenian language instruction at all levels. Beginning courses, Armenian 1A and 1B, emphasize basic reading, writing, and translation skills as well as oral proficiency. Continuing courses, Armenian 101A and 101B, use literature (fictional and non-fictional prose, drama, and poetry) in order to teach language. The courses are designed for students with a diverse range of language proficiencies, from second-year language learners to heritage speakers to those formally educated in the language. In both the 1 and 101 series, students choose the language standard they wish to learn, Eastern or Western Armenian, while gaining an understanding of the differences between the two. The Department also occasionally offers an advanced reading course, Armenian 102, which introduces students to topics drawn from a wide range of texts—literary, philosophical, scholarly (scientific and technical), journalistic, business, etc.—in Eastern and Western Armenian. The course is designed to further develop students’ language skills and to link language proficiency to the study of contemporary politics, culture, and society in Armenia and the Armenian diaspora.

If you are just beginning to study Armenian, Armenian 1A is the right course for you. This course begins with the alphabet!

If you have had a year or more of Armenian coursework in elementary school, high school, or college, or if you are a heritage speaker (you have learned the language by speaking it at home), you should enroll in Armenian 101A or 101B.



The Department offers proficiency exams for Eastern and Western Armenian at the beginning and end of each semester. Students use the exam to document proficiency of a foreign language for university or program requirements.  Please check with your institution to make sure our departmental exam is accepted.

No exceptions or makeup exams are offered. If students miss the exam on the scheduled date, they will need to wait until the next time it is offered. No exams are offered during the summer.

Registration is required for all students taking the exam.

If you are not a registered UC Berkeley student, the exam costs $60. Payment MUST BE MADE prior to taking the exam.  Students must bring a check to department manager Moriah Van Vleet in 6233 Dwinelle on the day of the exam.  Cash will never be accepted via mail or in person.  Please make checks out to “UC Regents.” Receipts are available upon request.

For general questions about exams, please contact Dr. Myrna Douzjian: