Russian 103B: Advanced Russian, Part II

Anna Muza | TuTh 11-12:30 | 104 Dwinelle Hall  | 4 units

The course is an upper-division language class which aims at advancing all aspects of verbal fluency, in particular, the ability to read authentic Russian texts, understand and use complex grammatical and idiomatic patterns of speech. It addresses those areas of Russian grammar that have not been covered in depth on the elementary/intermediate level, and significantly expands your vocabulary.

In addition to weekly written home assignments, students also do some independent reading of the books/texts of their choice and keep a reading journal. There are occasional vocabulary quizzes and quick in–class tests.

The course is based on authentic Russian texts representing different kinds and genres of written speech. All materials will be handed out by the instructor.

Prerequisites: 4 semesters of Russian or instructor’s evaluation and consent.