Czech 26B: Introductory Czech

Ellen Langer | MWF 9-10 | 6307 Dwinelle | 4 units

(Spring only. Czech 26A, the first part of a one-year introductory sequence, is offered in Fall only.)

Class meets for three hours of Czech instruction per week. Attendance is required, unless excused. Students further develop basic communicative competence in all four foreign language skills (speaking, listening, reading, and writing), with an emphasis on culture. By the end of the two-semester sequence, students will have been introduced to all major grammatical features of modern Czech.

Workload. Approximately five hours of homework per, including one hour of mandatory computer work), written homework, quizzes, periodic tests, written midterm, and final.

Text: Materials provided by instructor, based on an updatable text.

Prerequisites: Czech 26A or consent of the instructor.