Polina Barskova, Ph.D. 2006


Dissertation: Enchanted by the Spectacle of Death: Forms of the End in Leningrad Culture (1917-1934)

Polina Barskova teaches Russian Literatures at Hampshire College, Massachusetts.
Her scholarly publications include articles on Nabokov, Bakhtin brothers, early Soviet film, and aestheticization of the historical trauma and a book project entitled “Petersburg Beseiged: Culture of the Aesthetic Opposition.” She has also authored many books of poetry in Russian. Please read Polina Barskova’s poetry at these and many other sites:

Polina Barskova received her undergraduate education (in Classics) at St. Petersburg State University in Russia.

For more, see http://www.hampshire.edu/faculty/pbarskova.htm

Matthew Zapruder (our alumni) translated a few of Polina’s poems, they appeared in: