Jon Stone, Ph.D. 2007


Dissertation: Conceptualizing “Symbolism”: Institutions, Publications, Readers, and the Russian Propagation of an Idea

Associate Professor of Russian and Russian Studies, Franklin & Marshall College

Jon Stone’s scholarly interests encompass the literary, cultural, and aesthetic movements associated with the end of the nineteenth and beginning of the twentieth centuries. He works on Symbolism, decadence, modernism, and later realism. He employs an interdisciplinary and comparative approach to the study of Russian and European literature. In particular, his interests reside in an exploration of “isms” – the expression of aesthetic affinity in group terms. As his current projects show, he takes into account the context of literature’s creation – the living people behind such concrete institutions of publishing and writing as the journals, critical reviews, poetic cycles, and publishing houses essential to producing literature. His work seeks to demonstrate the nuanced interplay between texts and the larger social, theoretical, artistic, and cultural forces behind them.

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