HARSHA RAM, Associate Professor


Ram ProfileDepartment of Slavic Languages and Literatures and Department of Comparative Literature

Affiliated with the Department of Italian Studies

Ph.D. , Yale University (Comparative Literature).
M.Phil, Yale University (Comparative Literature).
B.A. Honours, University of Sydney (Italian).
B.A. Honours, University of New South Wales (Russian)


Research and teaching interests:
Russian and comparative European romanticism and modernism
The Russian and European avant-garde
Russian, European, Near Eastern and South Asian poetic traditions
Italian literature
Indian literature
Georgian literature and history
Theories of world literature
Literary theory, comparative poetics, genre theory, and literary history
Comparative modernisms and modernities; vernacular and high culture
Cultural and political history of Russia-Eurasia and the Caucasus
Postcolonial studies; theories of nationalism, imperialism and cosmopolitanism

Current book projects:
City of Crossroads: Tiflis Modernism and the Russian-Georgian Encounter

Poetry and Power: The Futurist Avant-garde in Russia and Italy

Selected publications:


  • The Imperial Sublime: A Russian Poetics of Empire. Madison: University of Wisconsin Press, 2003.



  • “Spatializing the Sign: The Futurist Eurasianism of Roman Jakobson and Velimir Khlebnikov.” Facets of Eurasianism. Eds. Marlène Laruelle, Sergey Glebov and Mark Bassin


  • “Introducing Georgian Modernism;” and “Decadent Nationalism, ‘Peripheral’ Modernism: The Georgian Literary Manifesto between Symbolism and the Avant-garde,” Special Cluster on Georgian Modernism including two manifestos by P’aolo Iashvili and T’itsian T’abidze, translated by Shota Papava and Harsha Ram, annotated by Harsha Ram. Modernism/Modernity, 21/1 (January 2014), 283-359.
  • “Futurist Geographies: Centre, Periphery, and the Struggle for
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