ELLEN R. LANGER, Continuing Lecturer, Czech Language


Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley (Slavic Languages and Literatures).

Teaching: Czech language, literature and culture.

Fall 2020 Office Hours details: By appointment. Best times will be 10:00-10:30 MWF on regular class days for Cz26A, MWF 2:00-2:30 MWF for Cz116A, but making an appointment makes either time slot available. By preference, OH will be via bCourses Conference rather than Zoom. I would rather that my students join office hours via bCourses Conferences, if there is no problem with that. Students spend a lot of time on Zoom as it is.

Research interests: Norm and variation in Slavic. Czech language and culture. Nineteenth- century Russian literature. Russian women writers. Historical linguistics. Language pedagogy of heritage and less commonly taught languages.

Current projects: Course materials for Czech language instruction, continuing development of elementary reading curriculum. Grammatical variation as a literary device in Anna Karenina. Instrumental singular variation in nineteenth-century Russian prose.