Darya Kavitskaya, Associate Professor


Ph.D. in Linguistics, University of California, Berkeley (2001)
B.A. in Linguistics and in Slavic Languages and Literatures, UC Berkeley (1995)

Teaching: Slavic and General Linguistics

Research interests: Phonetics/phonology: specifically, the mental representation of sound systems, and how phonological theory can inform us about the nature of the language faculty and the fundamental human cognitive capacity for language.
Phonological theory: Syllable structure, palatalization, sonority, phonotactics; opacity; contrast; vowel harmony.
Historical Slavic linguistics and morpho-phonology.
Field linguistics: Slavic (Russian, Serbian, Croatian, Czech), Turkic (Crimean Tatar), Uralic (Tundra Nenets), Georgian;
describing endangered languages.
Language acquisition and language disorders (Specific Language Impairment, or SLI)


Previous appointments: Department of Linguistics, Yale University (2001-2011)

Current project: The Grammar of Northern Crimean Tatar.
Experimental and Theoretical Investigations in the Phonology of Tundra Nenets.
Vowel harmony and vowel deletion: the case of Crimean Tatar.
The history of de-palatalization in Slavic: Articulatory motivations for a diachronic change.

Selected Publications:


Crimean Tatar. LINCOM Europa, 2010.

Compensatory Lengthening: Phonetics, Phonology, Diachrony. Routledge, New York & London, 2002.

Selected articles

Investigating the effects of phonological memory and syllable complexity in Russian-speaking children with SLI. Journal of Child Language. (2011). [with M. Babyonyshev, T. Walls, and E. Grigorenko].

Syllable structure and Specific Language Impairment: a case of Russian-speaking children. In Chuck Cairns & Eric Raimy, eds. Handbook of the Syllable. Brill Publishers. 353–371. (2011). [with M. Babyonyshev]

The interaction between contrast, prosody, and coarticulation in structuring phonetic variability. Journal of Phonetics 38: 625–639 (2010). [with K. Iskarous].

When an interaction is both opaque and transparent: the paradox of fed counterfeeding. Phonology 27: 1–34 (2010). [with P. Staroverov].

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