Antje Postema, Lecturer, Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian Language


Ph.D. in Slavic Languages & Literatures, University of Chicago (2016)

B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities, University of Chicago (2003)

Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian language, Reading and Composition.

Research interests:
Yugoslav and post-Yugoslav literature and culture; representations of trauma; socio-cultural memory; cultural history; Balkan film; photography and visual culture; travel narratives and symbolic geographies; migration and displacement in literature and film; translation (theory and praxis).

Current projects:
Post-PTSD Bosnia: Cultural Memory and the Figuring of Trauma Between Local and Global (manuscript project), City of Empires, City of Memory: Imperial Legacies Amid the Siege of Sarajevo (manuscript project), “Captured: The Aesthetics, Politics, and Ethics of Photographic Witness During the Wars of Yugoslav Succession” (article project), “Yugoslav Authorship After Yugoslavia: Traces of Danilo Kiš in the Works of Aleksandar Hemon, Faruk Šehić, and Karim Zaimović” (article project).

Rock and Roll to Fluency: BCS Through Song (intermediate language textbook).

BCS-English translations of: Muharem Bazdulj’s Sowing Salt and select stories from Karim Zaimović’s Secret of Raspberry Jam.

Selected publications:
“ ‘Read and Remember’: Ozren Kebo’s Sarajevo for Beginners as Ironic Guidebook and Narrative Memorial.” In Post-Yugoslav Constellations. Ed. Stijn Vervaet and Vlad Beronja (Berlin: De Gruyter, 2016).

“My Son I Will Give – My Myth I Will Not: Lineage and Legendary Identity in Donchev’s Time of Parting.” Balkanistica 22 (2009), 167-180.