Slavic 170: Survey of Yugoslav Literatures

TuTh 3:30-5, 235 Dwinelle. Instructor: Ronelle Alexander.

Units: 3 Satisfies L&S Arts & Literature breadth requirement.

The class will consist of four components, labeled roughly Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian and “European”. Within each component we will read one book-length text written during the time of Yugoslavia (defined broadly as 1918-1991) and one written during the post-Yugoslav period (1991 to the present). Lectures will consider these works both as literary creations and as component parts of the complex historical phenomenon of Yugoslavia (both as a successful state and then as an arena of war). No prior knowledge of Yugoslav history is assumed, and all readings are in English. Requirements: four essays, final examination.

Texts for purchase:
David Albahari. Goetz and Meyer. Mariner Books, 2015. ISBN: 1628970928
Ivo Andrić. The Bridge on the Drina. University of Chicago Press, 1977. ISBN: 0226020452
Miljenko Jergović. Sarajevo Marlboro. Archipelago Books, 2004. ISBN: 0972869220
Danilo Kiš. A Tomb for Boris Davidovich. Dalkey Archive Press, 2001. ISBN: 1564782735
Miroslav Krleža. On the Edge of Reason. New Directions Publishing, 1995. ISBN: 0811213064

Available from used-book sellers on line:
Vladimir Arsenijević, In the Hold. Knopf, 1996.
Milos Tsernianski, Migrations. Harcourt, 1994.
Dubravka Ugrešić, Culture of Lies. Penn State University Press, 1998.
Other texts available on line

Prerequisites: None. Course and readings are in English.