Slavic 190: Russian Culture Taught in Russian: Country, Identity, and Language

W 3-6, 6115 Dwinelle. Instructor: Irina Paperno.

Units: 4 Satisfies L&S Historical Studies OR Social & Behavioral Sciences breadth requirement.

The course will introduce students to classical texts (from Pushkin and Chaadaev to the present) that form—or question—the foundations of Russian cultural identity. Based on a wide range of readings (literature, history, journalism, personal documents, and more) and conducted in Russian, this course will also advance students’ ability to read and discuss sophisticated Russian texts.

Class format and requirements: The class will be conducted in a seminar format. Students are responsible for careful reading of assigned texts at home (with a dictionary) and meaningful participation in classroom discussion. Depending on the level of fluency, students may be asked to do additional reading or writing.

There will be regular short written assignments, a midterm, and a final project (the format of the final projects will vary, to reflect each student’s level of Russian language proficiency and interests).

Books: Course materials will be found in a reader and posted on bCourses.

Prerequisites: The class is aimed at students with advanced knowledge of Russian, both those who study Russian as a foreign language and heritage speakers (if in doubt, consult the instructor).