Slavic 3: Intermediate Russian

M-F 11-12, 279 Dwinelle. Instructor: Matthew Kendall.

Units: 5 Satisfies L&S International Studies breadth requirement.

IF YOU SPEAK RUSSIAN AT HOME (even if you do not read and write), please contact the instructor-in-charge (Lisa Little, to make sure you are placed in the correct section.

Comprehensive program for the study of Russian. Emphasizes development of communicative skills, vocabulary, and cultural and grammatical competence.
Students who have completed this program tend to place very well in summer institutes in the U.S. and in EAP and other language courses in Russia.

Grades based on attendance/participation, completion of assignments, quizzes, chapter tests, and a final (a computerized standardized test that may be taken anytime during the last two weeks up to the scheduled final time and counts as 5% of the overall grade).


Dolgova and Martin Russian Stage Two: Welcome Back! and workbook/lab manual.

Schaum’s Russian Grammar by James S. Levine
Romanov’s Russian-English English-Russian Dictionary or Kenneth Katzner, English-Russian Russian-English Dictionary or free on-line dictionaries (such as,,,, and

Prerequisites: SLAVIC 2 IS THE PREREQUISITE FOR SLAVIC 3. If you have not taken the previous semester here, SCREENING AND PLACEMENT IS MANDATORY to determine the best placement for you. Prospective students must contact Lisa Little at: