Slavic 280: Graduate Seminar: “Literary Translation: History, Theory, Practice”

W 2-5, 6115 Dwinelle. Instructor: David Frick.

Units: 4

In this seminar/workshop, we will address problems of literary translation.  The course will have three main components.  We will discuss representative documents and essays in the history and theory surrounding the topic, from St. Jerome to the present (drawing on the Venuti Reader).  We will compare established, older translations of canonical works, with newer, revisionist versions, and address the “apologies” of their newest translators, where they exist.  And, in the later sessions, participants will present their own work in a sort of translators’ workshop.  Final projects can either be research papers on the history and theory of literary translation or a translation with critical annotations, which addresses, in detail, the problems posed by the given case.

Lawrence Venuti, ed., The Translation Studies Reader, Routledge Press, New York, 2004 (Second Edition), ISBN 978–0–415–31920–1; or New York, 2012, ISBN 978-0415613484.
Scanned readings.

Prerequisites:  Graduate standing; consent of instructor.