Eura St 1B: Beginning Armenian

TT 11-12:30, 205 Wheeler. Instructor: Santoukht Mikaelian.

Units: 3

Instructor’s email:

Eurasian Studies 1B is a continuation of 1A. This course is for students who have little previous knowledge of Armenian, or who have successfully completed part A. Proficiency in the four language skills, listening, speaking, reading and writing is developed. Modern Western Armenian is taught primarily, but students who would like to learn Eastern Armenian are also accommodated. Armenian is taught as one language. Commonalities are highlighted and the differences recognized and taught.

Among the requirements are oral participation in class, homework, weekly quizzes, two midterm projects, a final project with presentation, two midterm tests, and a final test.

Required Textbooks:

Gayane Hagopian, Armenian For Everyone, Western and Eastern Armenian in Parallel lessons, Abril Books, Los Angeles, 2007, or same book, Caravan Books, Ann Arbor 2005.

Anahit Avetisyan, Eastern Armenian Comprehensive Self Study Language Course ISBN 978-99390-10250

Prerequisites: Eurasian Studies 1A or consent of instructor