Slavic 116A: Advanced Czech

MWF 12-1, 210 Dwinelle. Instructor: Ellen Langer.

Units: 4 Satisfies L&S International Studies breadth requirement.

Grammar review, advanced grammar topics, vocabulary development, improvement of reading, writing, listening, and speaking competence/confidence. Readings consisting of literary texts and short readings in history, music, art, as well as regular readings from the Czech on-line press; grammar notes and exercises to be handed out in class as needed. Students will read in a variety of subject areas to develop a well-rounded vocabulary and historical and cultural framework. Weekly writing assignments such as journal-keeping and short essays or dialogs. Listening comprehension exercises based on classics of Czech film and on audio CDs/tapes. Written homework, reading assignments, midterm, oral report, and final exam.

Chcete ještě lépe mluvit česky
Optional: Josef Fronek, English-Czech, Czech-English Dictionary

Prerequisites: Slavic 26B or consent of instructor.