Russian 1: Elementary Russian

Language Coordinator: Anna Muza
Section 1: M-F 11-12 | Thomas Dyne | Evans 87 | 5 Units | #24435
Section 2: M-F 11-12 | Kathryn DeWaele | Latimer 102 | 5 units | #33286

Beginning stage of a comprehensive program for the study of Russian. Laying the foundation for reading and grammatical competence, elementary writing, communicative skills, and cultural awareness.

Grades based on daily attendance and participation, homework, compositions, chapter and oral tests, and a final exam.

Textbook: Mezhdu nami (Между нами at:, free and available online. Students will need to buy Classroom Activities and Homework Booklets (Mezhdu nami 1-5).

Prerequisites: Russian 1 has no prerequisites and assumes no previous knowledge of Russian.