Czech 116B: Continuing Czech

Ellen Langer | TuTh 2-3:30 | Dwinelle 6307 | 4 Units | #25931

Grammar review, advanced grammar topics, vocabulary development, improvement of reading, writing, listening, and speaking competence/confidence. Readings consisting of readings from different genres, with an emphasis on subject matter in various academic fields and on contemporary issues as reported in the press; additional grammar notes and exercises as determined by student needs. Students will read in a variety of subject areas to develop a well-rounded vocabulary and historical and cultural framework. Daily homework and frequent writing assignments.

Written homework, reading assignments, tests, oral report, final essay, and take-home final.


Janda, Laura and Steven Clancy. The Casebook for Czech. Slavica Publishers, 2006.    ISBN-13: 978-0893573348.  ISBN-10: 0893573345 . Available directly from the publisher.

Recommended: a good English-Czech, Czech-English dictionary, preferably one of the Fronek dictionaries from LEDA.

Prerequisites: Czech 116A or consent of instructor