BCS 27B: Introductory Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian

David Parker | MWF 9-10 | Dwinelle B-33B | 4 Units | #21737

This course is a continuation of Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian 27A and presumes that students have mastered the material that was covered in the previous course. Throughout the semester, students will continue to strengthen their skills in reading, writing, and oral communication. They will further refine their knowledge of the fundamentals of BCS grammar. By the end of the semester, students should have a solid grasp of the structure of BCS to the extent that they are able to read and write basic texts in the language(s) and to discuss various aspects of everyday life.


Ronelle Alexander and Ellen Elias-Bursańá, Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian: A Textbook with Exercises and Basic Grammar (required)

ISBN 978-0-299-23654-0

Ronelle Alexander, Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian: A Grammar with Sociolinguistic Commentary (recommended)

ISBN: 0-299-21194-0