BCS 117B: Continuing Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian

Antje Postema | MWF 11-12 | Dwinelle B-33B | 4 Units | #21738

This intermediate sequence presumes elementary knowledge of Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian language. The course teaches language with constant reference to film, music, literature, and other authentic materials to reinforce the link between language and culture and to engage intermediate speakers in their continued study of the BCS language. Through individual and group activities that solidify and develop the major communicative skills, students will build upon their existing vocabulary, improve their grammatical accuracy, discover the confidence to speak freely and to lead discussions, take increased responsibility for the trajectory and pace of their language learning, and navigate real-world situations courageously.

Required texts:

Ronelle Alexander and Ellen Elias-Bursańá, Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian: A Textbook with Exercises and Basic Grammar.

Prerequisite: BCS 117A or consent of instructor.