Russian 2: Elementary Russian

Language Coordinator: Anna Muza

Section 1: David Parker | M-F 11-12 | 2032 VLSB | 5.00 Units
Section 2: Maria Whittle | M-F 11-12 | 2038 VLSB | 5.00 Units

Second semester of Russian. The class aims to cover the fundamentals of Russian grammar, as well as advance communicative skills and cultural competence through reading, writing, listening/viewing, and speaking.

Grades based on daily attendance and participation, homework, compositions, chapter and oral tests, and a final exam.

Textbook: Mezhdu nami (Между нами at:, free and available online. Students will need to buy Classroom Activities and Homework Booklets (Mezhdu nami 6-9).

Prerequisites: Russian 1 or consent of the instructor.