Eva Soos Szoke| TuTh 12:30pm-2:00pm | Remote/Online | 3.00 – 4.00 units

The course focuses on building survival-level language skills by practicing interpersonal, interpretive, and communication modes. It will explore aspects of the Hungarian culture, including contemporary and historical events, literature, pop-culture, and folklore. Teaching considers students’ individual needs, goals, and interests.

Class participation, homework, quiz, and a final project will provide the basis for grading.

Teaching materials include the textbook, handouts, voice recordings, the online Quizlet, and also a variety of original Hungarian written, visual, and audio sources.

Textbook: József Erdős and Csilla Prileszky: Halló, Itt Magyarország! Student Book (Hungarian Edition) [Paperback] 2014. Akadémia Kiadó. Budapest, Hungary. ISBN-13: 978-9630595773

Prerequisites: None