Russian 6A: Introductory Russian for Heritage Speakers

Language Coordinator: Anna Muza
Klara Libman | MWF 1:00 PM-2:00 PM | Dwinelle 233 | 3 units | #30919
This course is aimed at “heritage speakers” of Russian, i.e., those who grew up speaking Russian in the family without a full Russian educational and cultural background. The course is designed for students who have speaking and comprehension ability in Russian but have minimum exposure to writing and reading. This course teaches basic skills of writing, reading, and grammar. In addition to teaching basic literacy and grammar skills, this course will help orient you in the Russian culture. We will read poetry, short stories, excerpts from novels/plays, articles from the Russian media, listen to songs, watch films, etc. This course will be self-paced, but both reading and writing intensive.
Grades based on daily attendance and participation, weekly written assignments, weekly quizzes, final project and final exam.

Prerequisites: Basic proficiency in Russian; placement test or consent of instructor.