Armenian 102: Advanced Readings In Armenian

Myrna Douzjian | W 4:00 PM-7:00 PM | Doe Library 251, Krouzian Room

L&S Breadth: International Studies

Selected readings in Armenian drawn from a wide range of fields (literature, philosophy, film, history, linguistics, environmental studies, sociology, and economics) and types of writing (creative, scholarly, and journalistic). The course is designed to further develop students’ language skills and to link language competence to the study of contemporary politics, culture, and society in Armenia and the Armenian diaspora. The academic and personal interests of the students enrolled will also contribute to shaping the readings for the course.

Requirements: 20-30 pages of reading/week; class participation; weekly blog posts; midterm; presentation; and final paper (10-15 pages).

Texts: All readings will be provided on bCourses.

Prerequisites: Armenian 101A and 101B or demonstrated advanced reading proficiency in Armenian.